We are highly skilled and experienced in manufacturing. Pro-Dev produces parts and products for our clients with our extensive network of manufacturers in China. We have 15 years of experience in dealing with our manufacturing partners in China. We have the knowledge and factories to suit every product, price point and quality requirement.

Pro-Dev offers a turnkey solution to our clients. We are highly skilled in Design for Manufacturing (DFM). We carefully select components and materials to optimise our product designs to ensure they are easy to manufacture and assemble.

Production Management:

Our team is highly skilled in managing and overseeing the production of the simplest to most complex products.

We have an established production methodology and we work closely with either your manufacturer or from our own network of manufacturers to ensure a high-quality product is produced.

Quality Control Management:

We have vast experience in quality control and we produce product-specific quality control documents to ensure the product is checked and achieves consistent quality when mass-produced.

We prepare product-specific quality control documents that will be used by the manufacturers to produce products. This ensures the end result is a high-quality product.

Logistics and distribution support:

Through our manufacturers, we have world-class partners in the shipping and other logistics requirements.

We can ship products directly from factory to any part of the globe through our partners.