Product Compliance Management

Most products are subject to mandatory compliance requirements that vary from market to market, and these need to be considered in the design and make-up of the product. The determination of exactly what these requirements are is often confusing and daunting, and many products enter the market without a firm compliance base - frequently leading to expensive in-market corrective action, or elevated warranty claims, or worst case a product recall.

There can be a large number of product-specific requirements, and these are ever-evolving in response to increased government scrutiny, new product technologies, and heightened consumer awareness and expectations. It is best to be well-informed of one’s obligations upfront - to allow full incorporation of these requirements through the full product spectrum (i.e. from design, to manufacture, to sale).

Pro-Dev has proven expertise in a range of product safety standard regimes (EN, ASTM, AS/NZS, SOR, GB), and experience in direct dealing with many Product Regulators around the globe. Further, we have an excellent network of 3rd party test facilities (SGS, ITS, STC, China export authorities) and we can manage the outsourcing of such testing to achieve a strategic outcome that fully incorporates commercial-sense and compliance obligations.

In addition to this, Pro-Dev has effective situational awareness when it comes to sourcing raw materials for suppliers. We know what compliance questions to ask, and when to ask - and most importantly we are experienced in verifying the compliance claims of a supplier.