We also develop our own products and launch them in the market. As Pro-Dev’s core competency is product development and manufacturing, we are naturally attracted towards finding a need or problem in the market and solving it. We have a few interesting projects in the pipeline that will come to the market in the near future.

Gazebo Mate

A unique, robust and very high-quality sandbag designed and tested in New Zealand.

- Have you ever noticed that you CANNOT use the Marquee/Gazebo walls when using the sandbags or gazebo weights currently available in the market?
- Have you ever noticed that the sandbags out there are not really doing the job (ie) holding the marquee/ gazebo down on a windy day?
- Have you ever disliked the look of your sandbag and felt that it ruins the look of your stall in an outdoor market?

If you have answered YES to the above, then you have now found the right product that is truly a mate to your Marquee/ Gazebo. Gazebo Mate was developed keeping in mind the challenges faced by Market stallholders during an outdoor event. Gazebo mate is not only functionally great but is also aesthetically pleasing.

Product features:

- Unique claw style design to grip the gazebo legs.
- Up to 18 kg per bag of sand, that is a whopping 72 kg (4 bags) holding your gazebo/ marquee down.
- Easy carry handle and compact size - no more wasting valuable space in the car.
- Loops for guy ropes, eyelets for pegs and all the features you need to hold your gazebo down. Can also hold clothing and hat racks down.
- Low profile design means no interference with the gazebo walls
- Heavy-duty waterproof fabric and leak-proof sewing construction.

Other uses of Gazebo Mate - Gazebo mate can also be used as a weight for clothing and hat racks when used in outdoor pop-up stalls, as a tripod weight for photographers, and as a weight for umbrella bases.

Product Reviews:

"These sandbags are fantastic. Extremely well made and by far the best on the market. Every detail is on point. Thank you so much!"

"The sandbags are GREAT!!! Thank you so much! My gazebo was one of the only ones that didn't try to fly away in the Wellington wind. Very pleased with this purchase, highly recommend. "

"This is a great product. I've used this for the base of my umbrella and it's great as an extra weight on those slightly windy days."