Prototyping is a crucial part of product development and a way to validate product aesthetics and function. We have in-house facilities and skills to produce prototypes. We offer high quality and comprehensive prototyping services to compliment every project. We have extensive experience and knowledge in prototyping and manufacturing of high-quality parts. We understand high and low volume prototyping and can advise the most appropriate production methods.

3D printing:

We have an in-house 3D printer to turn your vision into a reality, quickly and efficiently.

Our 3D printing service provides our clients with the opportunity to physically see the part/ product before it goes to the next stage of the product development cycle. This gives an opportunity for the client to decide if it is the look and feel of the part they are wanting. This eliminates unnecessary rework of design which would add to the project cost.

Pro-Dev has partners in China that can produce Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and laser-cut prototypes.

Functional working prototypes:

From the smallest of plastic parts, to large metal products, Pro-Dev has partners in China that can bring your idea and innovation to life with detailed functioning prototypes.

Functional prototypes allow products and parts to be compliance tested prior to production in a timely and cost-effective way. Our fully functional prototypes can also be used to make marketing materials and for sales pitches, funding, grants etc.

We can use - CNC machining or soft tooling, depending on the volume of the functional working prototypes required. We can produce anything from a one-off prototype to high volumes.

Visual models:

Assessment of aesthetics, feel and ergonomics can be done with visual models. We can use traditional and modern methods to develop a visual model. These models are made in-house by our engineers to ensure quick translation of concept to model. These can range from 3D printed parts to highly detailed visually accurate models.