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At Pro-Dev, we work on product design and create the solutions that best suit your business needs.

Whether you are looking for ongoing product development support or a one-off project, we can help. We have nearly 80 years combined experience in product design and manufacturing, use a research-driven approach
and have an extensive network of Chinese manufacturers.


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I loved the styling. I was extremely impressed with the rugged look and I definitely think it'll appeal to our target market. I also can't get over just how strong it is - the fact that Pro-Dev achieved that level of strength, but retained awesome usability is impressive.

Donald Hillis
Kindling Collector

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The scope encapsulates the project's form, function, cost, and compliance requirements, with the overall project broken down into manageable chunks. The process involved a series of iterations, creating several physical prototypes, and up until manufacturing.

Pro-Dev works closely with all stakeholders to ensure the highest quality standard and uses independent compliance testing labs to meet compliance requirements for all the markets where the product will be sold (USA, EU, AU, NZ, Canada).

Kindling Collector is one of Pro-Dev's satisfied clients. Whatever you need, Pro-Dev's full range of services can be tailored to your requirements.

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