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 Agile Approach in Project Management

At Pro-Dev, because we are all about transparently managing clients’ expectations, we take an Agile approach to our projects. This allows us to provide real time progress reports, invite collaboration and communicate effectively, saving time through needing fewer design iterations and money through incorrect tooling. Our aim is to ensure clients know exactly what is happening in a project at any given time.

How our Agile scrum project management process works

  1. A master task list (product backlog) is created 
  2. In conjunction with the client, tasks are arranged by their importance or value.
  3. The tasks are grouped together and carried out in a series of ‘sprints’, each a fortnight long, with highest value tasks tackled first.
  4. Throughout the sprint daily meetings (known as scrums) review progress and identify issues that could hamper completion of the allotted tasks.
  5. At the end of each sprint, a progress review is held with the client.
  6. Sprints continue until all the tasks and the project is completed.

The diagram below explains this in more detail.

Agile Scrum Approach work process of Pro-DevThe level of collaboration and transparency achieved through the Agile scrum is not possible using the traditional waterfall project management.

We are fully cloud-based and use platforms such as Basecamp and Jira for our projects, allowing collaboration in real-time, transparency and easy communication. Clients can monitor progress from anywhere and multiple people can work on projects at once.