About page

Pro-Dev is an industrial and product design and manufacturing consultancy based in Wellington, New Zealand.

As experienced product designers, engineers and consumer product development specialists, we are your off-site, in-house product design and manufacturing team.

We design and manufacture any consumer product made of plastic, metals or fabrics across a broad spectrum of industries from childcare / juvenile to mobility. Our service encompasses ongoing product development support and one-off projects.

The benefits of working with us range from affordability, wide skillsets and location to the fact we are a one-stop shop, offering a complete range of services from design to delivery.

We maintain a manufacturing base in China that ensures manufacturing projects run smoothly. Our factories assist in injection moulding, die-casting, sheet metal fabrication, extrusion and much more.

We are fully cloud-based and use common software platforms for our projects, allowing collaboration in real time, transparency and easy communication. Clients can monitor progress from anywhere and multiple people can work on projects at once.

Pro-Dev is an IRD approved R&D provider for New Zealand companies. We are also a Creative HQ startup mentor and preferred supplier for NZTE.

Our Process

The four pillars of product development are FORM, FUNCTION, COST and COMPLIANCE. If one pillar overlaps another, there is a risk of potential failure, increased cost or both. This is why it is important to partner with a company like Pro-Dev that can achieve balance between these pillars.

Pro-Dev follows the Agile way of working. This means clients see and participate as much or as little as they wish in the development process, including design iterations and reviews. We encourage frequent feedback and work collaboratively with our clients, which saves time and money on design changes.

Our points of difference

Product design and prototyping

Pro-Dev Product design

Our product developers have nearly 80 years’ combined experience, making us experts in all aspects of product development from concept to mass manufacturing. We have advanced skills in industrial design, conceptualising solutions to problems, 3D CAD modelling and prototyping.

We do a large amount of 3D prototype printing which brings our designs to life and enables clients to not just see but to get a feel for their product. Finding errors in the early stages greatly hastens the approval process, reduces the cost of tooling and cuts down total project time while speeding up time to market.

Manufacturing in China

Manufacturing in china

We are highly skilled and experienced in manufacturing. Pro-Dev produces parts and products for our clients with our extensive network of manufacturers in China.

We have 15 years of experience in dealing with our manufacturing partners in China, giving us the knowledge and factories to suit every product, price point and quality requirement. We act as a bridge between New Zealand businesses and Chinese factories to ensure products are manufactured to clients’ specifications.

Product compliance

Pro-Dev product compliance team

Understanding the compliance process and knowing that it starts at the beginning of a project is an area in which Pro-Dev specialises. Our many years of experience in developing products destined for a wide variety of markets means we know the pitfalls of not paying attention to compliance issues early.

The market the product is destined for will dictate its design as regulations differ from country to country. Even an extra millimetre can dictate the success or failure of complying with local laws. We always fully research the destination market before the design process gets too far underway to avoid costly changes late in the process.

Our Pricing

Pro-Dev achieves best results for clients when we operate in partnership. This can vary between clients but working on a retainer basis enables us to understand the brand and its offering, and to design products that best represent the brand and target market. We constantly surprise our clients by how much we find out about their market and brand. We also work on one-off projects, if clients prefer.

Protection of IP

At Pro-Dev, we take the protection of your IP seriously. The CAD files and other design and specification documents given to Pro-Dev are treated in the strictest confidence. Not only do we sign non-disclosure agreements, but our Chinese factories do the same.

What we DON'T currently offer

  • We do not specialise in electronic products such as circuit board design. However, we can design and manufacture enclosures for electronic products.
  • We don’t offer software development.
  • We don’t offer app development.
  • We do not provide funding for projects.