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Industrial Design

Industrial design combines form and function to create physical 3D products that meet end-user goals, business objectives, and manufacturing constraints.

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Engineering is where a product design is detailed, determining its performance, aesthetics and manufacturability.

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Prototyping is crucial to product development as it validates both the function and aesthetics.

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Pro-Dev is highly skilled and experienced in manufacturing parts and products through our extensive network of manufacturers in China.

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Project Management

At Pro-Dev, because we are all about transparently managing clients’ expectations, we take an Agile approach to our projects.

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product compliance management

Product Compliance Management

Most products are subject to mandatory compliance requirements. But these vary from market to market so need to be considered in the early stages of the product design.

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Design production tooling

Product Design

Pro-Dev has created products that are successfully mass manufactured and sold around the globe. We can act as your offsite in-house design team or work with you on a per-project basis.

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